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We can help you grow YOUR own food!

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Building on successful models throughout the country, Sierra Gardens supports families in growing a portion of their fruits and vegetables at home.  Sierra Harvest works with each family to build a backyard garden, providing classes, mentoring, and supplies for two years to ensure a successful experience. This will set the stage for a lifetime of home gardening, access to nutritious foods, physical activity and mental health. It will also be a bridge to healthy food choices. Program graduates will have the opportunity to engage as community leaders by mentoring new gardeners.  Watch a short video that describes how the Sierra Gardens program can transform your life!



image002How it works:

Sierra Harvest will set you up for a lifetime of fresh vegetables at your home, business or organization. We will:

  • Visit your site
  • Help you install or revamp your garden including; bed preparation, fencing, compost and irrigation.
  • Provide seasonal starts and seeds at just the right times
  • Offer monthly gardening and cooking classes
  • Provide ongoing mentorship to support your success.


Why Garden?   

-Get more exercise and reduce stress.
-Bring family and neighbors together.
-Reduce your environmental impact.
-Save hundreds of dollars a year in grocery bills and get more nutritious produce.
-Improve your diet, with fresh foods that help protect against diseases like diabetes & cancer.

Get Started!

Download the application, and call us if you have any questions at (530) 265-2343.

Sierra Gardens Application – Print, complete and drop off or mail in to our office or complete the online application below.

Sierra Gardens for Schools Program

2015 Details and prices

Need Financial Help for Seeds & Starts?

Check out the CalFresh Program – you may qualify!


 Thank you to GRUB in Olympia WA, CITY SLICKER FARMS in Oakland,  and the GARDENS PROJECT in Ukiah for their support in sharing best practices for this program.

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