Walking, Biking, and Accessibility

Walking, Biking, and Accessibility

When considering getting fit or staying fit, there are no better ways than walking and biking (if you garden, that’s good too). These are some of the most convenient and least expensive ways to improve your health, while getting to know your neighborhood and meeting your neighbors.

The challenge we have in Nevada County is that although our downtown areas were built before the automobile, much of the surrounding infrastructure that has been but in place in the last 70+ years is “Auto centric” meaning that it was built for automobiles not people. It is going to take a complete mind-set change to turn this around, but the good news is that there is a lot of activity, locally, nationally and within the state to support making new and existing communities more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. See the links in the sidebar for related sites.

Our challenge is to build upon our partnerships with local organizations and government agencies to create more walkable/bikeable/accessible communities.  We have already seen the financial rewards of successful partnerships, with over $800,000 of grants being won for the community. These funds are being applied to: education, infrastructure improvements, Safe Routes to Schools programs and Health and Wellness programs.

Going forward we’d like to build on this tremendous success by encouraging the involvement of more like-minded individuals.  If you feel that you can contribute in any way, please review our list of current projects and contact us for more information.

Desired outcomes for the future:

  • Gain the title of “The Healthiest County in California” by becoming a Rural Community Model for infrastructure improvements and Health related programs
  • Develop strong partnerships with the County, Cities, Schools, Medical Facilities and other like minded organizations
  • Continue to audit for walkable sidewalks and work with Public Works and residents to ensure they are adequately maintained
  • Have a seat at the table as a voice for the community for all Pedestrian and Bicycle related improvement programs
  • Maintain an informational Website for community involvement, infrastructure improvements and health related programs
  • Develop sources of sustainable funding
  • Be in a position to fund a Health Coordinator to develop activity based chronic disease prevention programs
  • Assist in developing resolutions and City/County policies that support walkability/Bikeability/Accessibility in our communities
  • Educate parents in the benefits of healthy activities for their children. Encourage walking and biking to school where it is supported by a safe infrastructure
  • Be strong advocates for more local parks and trails
  • Develop cross generational walking clubs