Nevada County to offer a Tasting Week

Live Healthy Nevada County has admired the Palo Alto schools Tasting Week since we first came across an article about this last year.

The Tasting Week focuses on :

  • Education of children’s tastes and flavors
  • Transparency and educational information on products, their origin, their mode of production
  • Transmission of skills
  • Pleasure of taste
  • Encourage behavior and food consumption as part of a healthier lifestyle .

This event was  “created by a group of Palo Alto parents who believe that educating children about taste is the best way to get them to love food and at the same time fight obesity. Following the success of France’s “Semaine du Gout” for the past 22 years, we hope to create the same momentum in Palo Alto by bringing together Chefs and children to start a dialogue around food and taste.”

Each day a chef, both renowned as well as home chefs, come into different class rooms to present either a hands on cooking lesson or a demo focusing on the sensual nature of food. The final day of the program culminated with an A to Z salad bar hosted by the food service professionals.

Live Healthy Nevada County is going to be piloting our own version of this program this spring! Look for more information and dates to come!