A Day at The Food Love Farm Site!

Today I had the pleasure of spending the morning with a group of In the Kitchen Culinary Camper at the Food Love Project. ITK offered a week long kids camp focusing on building culinary skills and creativity. Our final day of camp was spent at the farm, learning about plants and how to grow your own food.

Farmers Amanda, Rachel and Katie started us off with a lesson on shelling dry beans from last season. We discussed companion plantings and how the three sisters work together to grow harmoniously. The three sisters are, corn, beans and squash.

After a farm tour and discussion on the basics of planting, off to the fields we went! In one bed we harvested wheat that would be dried and saved for seeds, in the next bed we turned over the soil using pick forks, prepping it to plant chard starts in later in the day.

We ended our day at the farm with a tasting and picnic in the shade. The kids were troopers and lasted way longer that I did in the sun! We passed around baskets of freshly picked, arugula, spicy mustard, lettuce, radishes and edible flowers which the kids all eagerly ate!

Our community is so blessed to have the Food Love Project thriving and educating our kids about growing food and farming! Thanks Amanda, Rachel and Katie and the rest of Living Lands Agrarian Network!