Misty Meadows Farm, Soil Sisters

Just 2 miles from Nevada City on the way to Purdon Crossing is Misty Meadows. Established in 2008,  this beautiful acre and a half piece of land is generously shared by Wendy and Corbett who enjoy looking out at the farm and the potluck community gatherings through out the summer.  A cool misty meadow, with gravity-fed irrigation water, makes this an ideal climate for cool summer crops such as kale, cabbage, chard, and salad mix.   A green house, completed in January of 2009, is attached to a garden shed in the middle of the field, and allows us to grow on-site starts.   It has been fun sharing some of the pot lucks at this site and meeting Wendy  and Corbetts’ friends.  Farmer Maisie will be in charge of the planning at this site, and she will be growing most of the vegetables for the CSA and farmers market in 2009. Pastured Japanese quail raised by Tom Van Wagner, spring lambs, vermaculture composting and a blueberry hedge are also planned for this season.

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