Alvarado Street Bakery bread being used in our school lunches!

In a recent conversation with Suzanne Grass, director of school lunches, I was informed that the school lunches will be featuring Alvarado Street Bakerey whole wheat rolls! She had been in discussion and done taste testing with students using the Petaluma based baker and now that Alvarado St has their nutritional information in place to work with schools, our district will now be serving whole grain sprouted wheat rolls!


Look on the October menu to see the rolls featured throughout the month.

* Why sprouted grains?

Sprouted grain breads are significantly higher in protein, vitamins and enzymes, and the complex starches are converted into natural sugars.  They are also low GI, so they are digested more slowly by the body, keeping the blood sugar levels stable for longer, making people feel more satisfied.  This leads to snacking less.  It is interesting to note that the more highly processed a food is, the higher GI it is.  A loaf of white bread is significantly higher GI than a loaf of sprouted grain bread.

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