Collaboration & Leadership Among Local Schools will Assess New Scratch-Cooked School Meal Program!

“We have the opportunity to transform our student meal program to provide high-quality, nutritional meals using locally-grown food and substantially reducing waste,” says Scott W. Lay, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools.  Thanks to the leadership and commitment of Mr. Lay and all nine school districts in Western Nevada County, they are moving forward towards a more sustainable food service model that features local and regional foods and reduces waste. These efforts will provide a way for all children, from Pre-K to grade 12, to eat well and fully engage in the enriching opportunities within their school communities. Continue reading “Collaboration & Leadership Among Local Schools will Assess New Scratch-Cooked School Meal Program!”

July Harvest of the Month – Corn!

Mid-summer brings the deliciousness of fresh corn! In addition to being tasty, corn is a great source of thiamin (vitamin B1), which the body uses to produce energy in cells. Corn is also a source of fiber for healthy digestion, manganese for healthy bones, and vitamin C which boosts your immune system. Eat corn in moderation because although it can be considered a vegetable, it contains more starch and sugar than other vegetables. 

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Zucchini Delights with Shana from Three Forks Baking & Brewing Co.

June’s Harvest of the Month is zucchini! Have you seen them yet at the Farmers Market?  “I always get excited when the first summer squash arrive,” says co-owner and baker Shana Maziarz of Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co.  “Nothing else tastes like squash.  It’s fun to work with, it’s not fussy like a lot of the spring vegetables – just throw it in some oil and grill it and it tastes great.” Continue reading “Zucchini Delights with Shana from Three Forks Baking & Brewing Co.”

Racial Justice Requires Food Justice

The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have punctuated the centuries of systemic racism in our country with an immediate call to action. Sierra Harvest joins with all individuals and organizations that are committed to challenging ourselves, our communities, and our systems to create an equitable society for everyone, with freedom from violence, and opportunities to thrive. Continue reading “Racial Justice Requires Food Justice”

Not All Heroes Wear Capes!

Michael and Shanon Whamond of Hillview Farms

Not all heroes and heroines wear capes – some wear kitchen aprons and others wear farm boots!  And this is where our story begins with 300 pounds of fresh, spring lettuce delivered by two passionate organic farmers to three Nevada County school districts who continue to provide school lunches (to-go style) for low-income families during COVID.

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Get Set For Success With Our Sierra Harvest Garden Experts!

Would you like to have a bigger harvest out of your garden this year? After many years of requests, we are happy to announce that Sierra Harvest is now offering home garden consultations with Emily Koller, our Food Love Farm Director! If you have been struggling with a specific garden challenge, or just want to get general tips to upgrade your garden or improve your harvest, now is the time to schedule an appointment!

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