Cafeteria Man Showing at Briar Patch

Food Film Series: Cafeteria Man
Fri, February 1, 7pm – 8pm
Briar Patch Community Room

Cafeteria Man is a story of positive movement that shows what’s possible in our nation’s schools. It’s about the aspiration of activists and citizens coming together to change the way kids eat at school. It’s about overhauling a dysfunctional nutritional system. And, it’s the story of what it takes, and who it takes, to make solutions happen.

The feature documentary film chronicles an ambitious effort to ‘green’ the public school diet serving 83,000 students in Baltimore.

Leading the charge to replace pre-plated, processed foods with locally-grown, freshly-prepared meals is Tony Geraci, food-service director for the city’s public schools. A charismatic chef from New Orleans, Geraci’s bold vision includes school vegetable gardens, student-designed meals, meatless Mondays, and nutrition education in the classroom. His mission is as audacious as it is practical.

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The film won Best of the Festival at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival, where Tony Geraci appeared in person with Suzanne Grass, GV Child Nutrition Services Food Service Director, to talk about school food in Nevada County and Tony’s work in Baltimore and Memphis.