Community Food & Farm Calendar

Good Food Tour at Scotten Elementary School

Prepping for Planting & Minimizing Weed Pressure

Understanding & Improving Foothill Soils

Farm Tour – Mushbarn

Irrigation Systems, Above & Below Ground

Farm Tour – Starbright Acres Family Farm

What to Plant & When to Plant It

Field in Forests: Holistic Ag in the Foothills

Food Love Farm Summer Camp: Session 1

Introduction to Managed Grazing

Intro to Beekeeping

All About Flowers

Food Love Farm Summer Camp: Session 2

Food Love Farm Summer Camp: Session 3

Farm Tour – Feeding Crane Farm

Hot Crops – A Close Look at Cucurbits & Solanums

Farm Scale Composting

Harvest, Wash & Pack

Orchard Care

Farm Tour – Mountain Bounty Farm

Value Added Farm Products

Growing Mushrooms

Farm Tour – Bluebird Farm

Farm Tour – Super Tuber Farm & Bierwagen