Honey Bees Deliver March Harvest of the Month!

The bees have been busy! And we are grateful to Farm Biz graduate Cameron Redford and Black Sierra Honey Company, for filling 3,000 golden jars of their delicious, amber honey to share with Nevada County students this month! Beyond experiencing the delight of tasting raw, local honey, students learned the nutritional benefits that honey has over sugar – such as being rich in antioxidants and supporting healthy immune function – and how critical bees are for growing so many of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy every day.

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NU Graduates Deliver October Harvest of the Month

Cody Curtis and Lucy O’Dea – both graduates of Nevada Union High School – made a full circle by delivering 122 pounds of delicious red globe grapes to Nevada County students for October’s Harvest of the Month! They grew these delicious grapes at Flying V Farm, where Cody & Lucy produce fresh, organic produce in a way that nourishes our community, stewards the land and empowers workers. Cody and Lucy participated in Sierra Harvest’s Land Match program to find the land to start a business, and we are thrilled they can now supply Harvest of the Month tastings for our community!

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Taste the Harvest of the Month with Heartwood Eatery!

“Summertime is all about tomatoes” says Scott Weidert, owner of Heartwood Eatery in Nevada City.  “I have about 20 tomato plants in my home garden, mostly cherry and heirloom varieties.  I always love this time of year when you can eat the tomatoes ripe off the vine.”

If you haven’t been to Heartwood Eatery yet, Scott has created an incredibly delicious menu, heavy in vegetables and fresh, local produce, custom made into bowls, salads, and scrumptious toasts.  This time of year, tomatoes are on the menu, locally grown from Nevada County farmers. “We get a lot of our tomatoes from Chapman Family Farm,” says Scott, and orders heirloom varieties from many other local farms as well. Continue reading “Taste the Harvest of the Month with Heartwood Eatery!”

July Harvest of the Month – Corn!

Mid-summer brings the deliciousness of fresh corn! In addition to being tasty, corn is a great source of thiamin (vitamin B1), which the body uses to produce energy in cells. Corn is also a source of fiber for healthy digestion, manganese for healthy bones, and vitamin C which boosts your immune system. Eat corn in moderation because although it can be considered a vegetable, it contains more starch and sugar than other vegetables. 

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes!

Michael and Shanon Whamond of Hillview Farms

Not all heroes and heroines wear capes – some wear kitchen aprons and others wear farm boots!  And this is where our story begins with 300 pounds of fresh, spring lettuce delivered by two passionate organic farmers to three Nevada County school districts who continue to provide school lunches (to-go style) for low-income families during COVID.

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Get Set For Success With Our Sierra Harvest Garden Experts!

Would you like to have a bigger harvest out of your garden this year? After many years of requests, we are happy to announce that Sierra Harvest is now offering home garden consultations with Emily Koller, our Food Love Farm Director! If you have been struggling with a specific garden challenge, or just want to get general tips to upgrade your garden or improve your harvest, now is the time to schedule an appointment!

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Be the Local Food Movement – Join the Gleaning Volunteer Leadership Team!

gleaning volunteers 2019 at johansen farm
2019 Volunteers gleaning more than 8,000 pounds of squash donated by Johansen Ranch to Interfaith Food Ministry

In anticipation of the summer harvest season, we are now recruiting harvest leaders!

Gleaning Harvest Leaders commit to leading a small crew of volunteers to harvest excess fruit or vegetables in farms and gardens, and deliver the delicious bounty to Interfaith Food Ministry (IFM), who then distribute the produce to 8,000 clients in need! Crew leaders typically lead 1-2 gleans a month, July – October. To date the Sierra Harvest gleaning volunteers have harvested and donated more than 36,000 pounds of produce in the past two seasons!

Why should YOU be a volunteer Harvest Leader?

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