NU Graduates Deliver October Harvest of the Month

Cody Curtis and Lucy O’Dea – both graduates of Nevada Union High School – made a full circle by delivering 122 pounds of delicious red globe grapes to Nevada County students for October’s Harvest of the Month! They grew these delicious grapes at Flying V Farm, where Cody & Lucy produce fresh, organic produce in a way that nourishes our community, stewards the land and empowers workers. Cody and Lucy participated in Sierra Harvest’s Land Match program to find the land to start a business, and we are thrilled they can now supply Harvest of the Month tastings for our community!

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Taste the Harvest of the Month with Heartwood Eatery!

“Summertime is all about tomatoes” says Scott Weidert, owner of Heartwood Eatery in Nevada City.  “I have about 20 tomato plants in my home garden, mostly cherry and heirloom varieties.  I always love this time of year when you can eat the tomatoes ripe off the vine.”

If you haven’t been to Heartwood Eatery yet, Scott has created an incredibly delicious menu, heavy in vegetables and fresh, local produce, custom made into bowls, salads, and scrumptious toasts.  This time of year, tomatoes are on the menu, locally grown from Nevada County farmers. “We get a lot of our tomatoes from Chapman Family Farm,” says Scott, and orders heirloom varieties from many other local farms as well. Continue reading “Taste the Harvest of the Month with Heartwood Eatery!”

Zucchini Delights with Shana from Three Forks Baking & Brewing Co.

June’s Harvest of the Month is zucchini! Have you seen them yet at the Farmers Market?  “I always get excited when the first summer squash arrive,” says co-owner and baker Shana Maziarz of Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co.  “Nothing else tastes like squash.  It’s fun to work with, it’s not fussy like a lot of the spring vegetables – just throw it in some oil and grill it and it tastes great.” Continue reading “Zucchini Delights with Shana from Three Forks Baking & Brewing Co.”

Easy Seasonal Recipes

Amanda here.  If you are anything like me, you might be feeling a little rough after Thanksgiving.  All the overindulgence was a bit much for this body this time around.  But we still have to eat!  And luckily for us, there is still a bounty of local food available at this time of year- and plenty of easy recipes that showcase fresh ingredients and will make your body feel awesome.

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