Pests in Your Garden: What can you do?

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Here we are about a week away from the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Your gardens are growing gangbusters, practically right before your very eyes. All looks good…the squash plants seem to double in size overnight, the peppers are setting blossoms, and your melons are starting to creep, and maybe you’ve even harvested your first zucchini. By all accounts, things are off to a great start. Continue reading “Pests in Your Garden: What can you do?”

June Garden Tips: Aphid Control and When to Harvest Greens

KaleIt’s June, which means gardens are in full swing!  Between weeding, beginning to harvest, maintaining irrigation, and getting those last seeds and starts in for summer- this is a busy time of year.

Here are some quick tips for making the most of your June garden, in terms of harvesting greens and dealing with aphids. Continue reading “June Garden Tips: Aphid Control and When to Harvest Greens”

The most powerful irrigation tool…

Farmers call for free irrigation | Nation, News, The ...Well, summer is here.  It’s HOT and things are drying out really quickly!  In some parts of the country (looking at you east coast) there’s rain all summer to help growers but here in the arid west if you want to garden edibles, you’ll have to irrigate.

Here’s a hard truth- all of the veggies in your garden are primadonnas.  Look around the forest and you’ll see loads of plants thriving without any water all summer, but miss a couple of days in the garden and your zucchini plants may not survive.

Continue reading “The most powerful irrigation tool…”