Grow Your Own! Let Sierra Harvest Build your Garden!

Do you love fresh homegrown veggies? Do you need help getting a garden built? Or do you already have a garden, but need support with seeds, starts, amendments, or irrigation? If so, the Sierra Gardens program can help!

We offer package deals to build your garden and then offer ongoing support in the form of seasonally delivered seeds and starts, irrigation, mentoring, and classes. The average garden size is 16×16, but we will work with your specific situation. Boxes are not included but can be built for an additional cost. The satisfaction of having a garden goes beyond having fresh homegrown food to eat… you become connected to a natural system that can provide hours of enjoyment!

Here’s what Sierra Garden recipient Annette Muller had to say about her garden last year:

“I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our garden. And not just the abundance of the amazing fruit it’s bearing, but the simple act of witnessing its growth – who knew my greatest summer entertainment would be watching squash plants flower?! There’s nothing like stepping into the garden to a hundred bees humming to make you feel alive :)”

Fill out the application here to have us come do a site visit and give you a quote! (scroll to the bottom of the Sierra Gardens web page for application)

Winter Watering

To water or not to water, that is often a question we face in the winter time. It is a question that cannot be answered without asking more questions:  Have the rains started in earnest? Are we having a wet winter? Will there be long dry spells?

These are all questions that we don’t really know the answers to at this point, so you just have to wait and see.  But there are a few things to think about! Continue reading “Winter Watering”

November Garden Chores



Greetings Gardeners!

How did it get to be mid-November already?  While the middle of the country is blanketed in snow and single digit temperatures, we are still enjoying higher daytime temperatures and it’s shirt weather.  Lucky us!  (Although we can all agree it’s time for the rains, seriously.)  Temperate as it is, we are in the homestretch of autumn now.  The night arrives promptly around 5, and gardens are all but forgotten for the moment.

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Grow your own Garlic

team-voyas-vIiye0QDryo-unsplash.jpgHopefully you had a chance to check out Edy’s great post about cover cropping and whether certain fall crops (onions, garlic and potatoes) are right for you.  Even though it’s in the ground for a long time and is relatively low yield compared to other crops, I’m here to make an impassioned plea for growing your own garlic.

If you’ll indulge me, I’ll share a little story with you.  A (sort of boring) story about garlic.  I grew up about as far from agriculture as possible.  Living in Houston, Texas surrounded by concrete and lawns, I never gave any thought to where my food actually came from.

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Fall/Winter Garden Planning

…but it’s only July!!  How could we possibly be thinking about fall and winter gardening when it’s 99 degrees outside?  When the sunflowers are blooming, you know it’s time to plant seeds for your fall garden.

The trick about having food into the cooler months is planning for it.  And unfortunately, that means thinking about it now!  Although on days like this when it’s fever temp outside, dreaming up an autumn feast sounds pretty good to me.  I’m ready for fall stews and kale salads with fresh apples….yum.  Can we skip August?

Luckily for you, Edy will be providing you some starts that will be timed perfectly for fall harvest.  Hooray!

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