Planning for Nevada County’s Food Future

When it comes to agriculture, big isn’t always better.  Today 1% percent of farms operate 70% of the world’s farmland.  As we experienced in early 2020, a centralized and monopolized agriculture system broke during a time of crises.    

Now more than ever, there is an urgent call for what has been termed Whole-sum food: food that is nutritious, safe, humanely acquired, and is produced and distributed in a way that contributes positively to our environment and our local economy. Continue reading “Planning for Nevada County’s Food Future”

10 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss EcoFarm with Sierra Harvest, Jan 20-23

Now that we made it through 2020, what do you want to bring forward into this new year? What movements and what change do you want to be part of?

Here are 10 reasons to include EcoFarm into your plans for 2021! Pre-conference events start January 13th and the main conference runs January 20th – 23rd.

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Amigo Bob Cantisano: Organic movement trail-blazer and earth champion

Ninth generation Californian, Amigo Bob Cantisano, 69 died of cancer on Dec 26th 2020. Many locals knew him as an eccentric, sometimes cantankerous hippy who freely espoused his encyclopedic knowledge on organic farming, pests, soils and compost to anyone who asked. But many didn’t fully comprehend his role in shaping the organic farming movement both throughout California but world-wide. Continue reading “Amigo Bob Cantisano: Organic movement trail-blazer and earth champion”

Give the Gift of Food Love!

Gift certificates now available for the Food Love Farm! It’s healthy and fun gift for kids (and adults!) of any age. These unique, versatile gifts can be used towards:

1) Food Love Farm Stand
Shop for fresh, organic produce, herbs, flowers, berries and more on Tuesdays, 4:30pm – 6:30pm, June – October, in 2021. 

2) Plant Sales
Get organic plant and flowers starts for your own home garden at Food Love! Tomatoes, squash, basil, cucumbers, and much more will be available.  Spring plant sales open in May.
3) Food Love Farm Camp
Kids age 5 – 12 will love Farm Camp, where the learn grow, harvest and love fresh local food! They also spend time making farm crafts, cooking, caring for chickens and more! Week-long camp sessions will be held in July 2021.

4) Tours & Workshops
Food Love Farm tours and workshop are offered at various times of year for children and adults.  Learn more about what’s offered here. Continue reading “Give the Gift of Food Love!”

Sierra Harvest Executive Director Transition and New Faces!

For the last 7 years, Malaika Bishop and Aimee Retzler have been building and guiding Sierra Harvest as co-directors. Starting March 1st, Malaika will be transitioning her role at Sierra Harvest to Stewardship Associate in order to make time to pursue her dream of starting her own farm! At that time Aimee Retzler will become the sole Executive Director of Sierra Harvest continuing to move our mission and vision forward along with our fabulous team of staff and volunteers. Malaika will continue to work with the organization focusing on stewardship and special projects. Continue reading “Sierra Harvest Executive Director Transition and New Faces!”

Purchase Contracts with Local Farmers Bring Nourishment & Resilience

Nicole McNeely, Executive Director of the Nevada County Food Bank, is not only passionate about feeding people in need, but she is committed to building a more resilient local food future that benefits everyone.  Over the last two years, Nicole has made purchasing contracts with local farmers for upwards of 6 tons worth of fresh, local food for weekly food distributions, building mutually beneficial relationships with farmers and ranchers, feeding those in need the highest quality food, and bringing thousands of dollars into our local economy. This holiday season we caught up with Nicole to learn more about how she does this for our community. Continue reading “Purchase Contracts with Local Farmers Bring Nourishment & Resilience”

Now is the Time to Plant Garlic!

Garlic.  Allium Sativum.  The Stinking Rose.

Most people love garlic for its pungent and sometimes spicy flavor, and the fullness it adds to dishes when it is used. Many claims are made as to garlic’s healing properties and immune booster qualities. I am a believer, and a big fan of the Alliums in general (plants in the onion family). There are some rogues out there, those odd people who you can’t quite trust who for whatever reason hate garlic.  In my house, those people will be disappointed (though still welcomed), since I add garlic to most dishes at a rate far higher than is generally recommended in recipes! Continue reading “Now is the Time to Plant Garlic!”

NU Graduates Deliver October Harvest of the Month

Cody Curtis and Lucy O’Dea – both graduates of Nevada Union High School – made a full circle by delivering 122 pounds of delicious red globe grapes to Nevada County students for October’s Harvest of the Month! They grew these delicious grapes at Flying V Farm, where Cody & Lucy produce fresh, organic produce in a way that nourishes our community, stewards the land and empowers workers. Cody and Lucy participated in Sierra Harvest’s Land Match program to find the land to start a business, and we are thrilled they can now supply Harvest of the Month tastings for our community!

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2019-20 Harvest Leaders are Sierra Harvest’s Volunteers of the Year!

Volunteers make the wheels turn at Sierra Harvest and we are especially grateful for all of those who have jumped in during 2020 to help out during this time of increased community need! 

In lieu of our big end-of-season farm potluck to celebrate our dedicated crew of volunteers, we’d like to take a moment to share our thanks to the 200+ volunteers who contributed over 2,200 hours over the last 12 months, even in the midst of a pandemic and the worst wildfire year on record.  We couldn’t do this work without you! Continue reading “2019-20 Harvest Leaders are Sierra Harvest’s Volunteers of the Year!”

Alexis McSweeny Uses her Camera to Help Bring Schools one step closer to Scratch Cooked  Meals

When Alexis saw people handing out organic plant starts next to her automotive repair shop, Geared Up Drive Train in Grass Valley, she knew there was something special going on.

The next door neighbor was Grass Valley Child Nutrition Services, where most of the Western Nevada County school meals are made.  In addition to handing out to-go lunches for distance learners, she learned that Sierra Harvest was there to distribute free spring veggie starts so families in need could grow some of their own food at home.

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