September is Hunger Action Month

Over 15,000 people in Nevada County need help. Who are these people? They are families, senior citizens, veterans, the working poor and the disabled. Without Interfaith Food Ministry and other supportive agencies, they would not know where their next meal is coming from.

What can you do to help?

Phil Alonso at IFM Grass Valley 2019
Phil Alonso of Interfaith Food Ministry sorting donated fruit from Sierra Harvest’s Gold Country Gleaning Program

Honoring Anita Smith: A Centerpiece of Food and Care at Silver Springs School

Marty Mathiesen, Principal, Silver Springs High School

Anita Smith was a dear friend and centerpiece of the Silver Springs High School staff.  

Anita was the lead person with food services at the high school, but to Silver kids and staff, she was a lot more.  Anita knew every kid in school and she felt a personal responsibility that each and every student was cared for and had plenty to eat.  Students and families under the poverty line are supported by a free and reduced price meal program which means the cost of student meals is covered by the state.  Silver Springs High School is identified as an entire school that meets that criteria. 

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