Celebrating the Heroes of Sierra Harvest!

Honoring Leo Chapman, 2016-17 Volunteer of the Year!

The 3rd Annual Volunteer Celebration and Farm Potluck at the Food Love Farm on August 17th was an extraordinary evening filled with delightful live music, a bountiful shared meal including roasted veggies from the farm, tours of the garden, chair massages, lively conversations amidst the towering flowers while more than 100 guests celebrated our 10th anniversary and honored our exceptional volunteers. 310 volunteers contributed more than 3,800 hours this past year (almost 1,000 more hours than last year) donating their precious time and skills to support our programs helping us to educate, inspire, and connect Nevada County families to fresh, local, seasonal food.

The evening culminated with honoring our Volunteer of the Year who donated more than 300 hours of time meeting with landowners to match their interests with farmers, guiding students on farm field trips and building Sierra Gardens for families. If it weren’t for this volunteer, there wouldn’t be a giant picnic table, creative hand washing stations and a new greenhouse out at the Food Love Farm.  This volunteer was a founding member of the Living Lands Agrarian Network (that became Sierra Harvest in 2013) and was often seen wearing a kilt, crocs, a large straw hat and a big smile everywhere he went…we present to you, the Volunteer of the Year – Leo Chapman! 

Leo said in response to why do you devote a big portion of your life to Sierra Harvest, “I do it for the kids!! Having a really special place for the kids to go and explore and see how food is grown, is what drives me to volunteer for Sierra harvest. When I grew up, I had a nature area to explore, and I think that’s what’s given me the passion inside to garden.”

Also a big thanks to The Eclectic Mayhem – Charles and Margaret Callahan, David Robinson, Gianni Romano, and Melissa Ramsey who volunteered to share their talent, voices and musical groove to brighten the party!  And a round of applause also to the wonderful chair massages given by David King.

If you have NOT volunteered with Sierra Harvest yet and would like to get involved, please complete our online volunteer application and we’ll get in touch with you to see where your passion lies!

Volunteer Opportunities include: Tasting Week Chef (Oct. 9-13), Ambassador, Food & Farm Conference, Soup Night, Sierra Garden builds, annual fundraiser, postering, office, photography, and other fun opportunities!

For more info about volunteering contact Miriam Limov at miriam@sierraharvest.org.