Garden Stands

The LHNC FNAC provides garden stands to several local schools (Deer Creek, Gold Run, Hennessy, and Scotten) as a way to:

  • Increase access to fresh foods on school campuses for students and staff.
  • Support an integrated nutrition and wellness program by providing examples of healthy, locally grown food.
  • Raise much-needed funds for the schools.
  • Build a greater sense of community and pride, nurture values of community outreach, service, and civic activism.
  • Create a model/lesson plan of integrity, honesty and character by running the stand completely on the donation and honor system.

Produce grown by students, school staff, local farmers, and community members is sold on the stands, with proceeds going back into the school’s nutrition education program. The stands are run by volunteers with set-up and take-down duties. If you are interested in helping,  please contact Erika Kosina at erika.kosina @

Thanks to Kath Schad and the Grass Valley Charter School for sharing the original school garden stand idea.

Other local garden stands:

  • The Outside Inn • 575 East Broad Street, Nevada City • 265-2233 (Call for stand hours.)