School Food Goals and Objectives

Five-year Objectives for Nevada County School Meals

  1. Reduce the amount of processed foods and cook more menu items from scratch.
    • Replace or re-source highly processed meal components with speed scratch or scratch-cooked menu items.
    • Use whole-grain, full-fiber options instead of refined or processed grains.
    • Use fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned or processed produce.
    • Introduce new scratch-cooked and raw menu items that include more fresh vegetables, whole grains, and protein.
  2. Minimize and eventually eliminate additives and sweeteners.
    • Swap current processed menu items for products containing fewer ingredients. See examples here.
    • Serve meats and dairy free of growth hormones and antibiotics.
    • Choose “clean” food labels free of artificial dyes, artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils and trans fats.
    • Minimize added sugars and eliminate high-fructose corn syrup.
  3. Increase the proportion of local and regionally grown food by 10% per year.
    • Replace current produce, grains, dairy products, and meats with selections that are grown within 120 miles, with priority going to Nevada County grown products when possible.
  4. Increase proportion of food that is organic and GMO-free.
    • If there is a comparable and competitive organic or GMO-free choice, use that option.
  5. Enhance food presentation and reduce food waste.
    • Bulk Transport: Move from pre-pack to hot bars and salad bars.