Onsite Garden Consultations Now Available!

Would you like to get a bigger harvest out of your garden this year? Sierra Harvest now offers home garden consultations with Edy Cassell, our Community Programs Manager! If you have been struggling with a specific garden challenge, or just want to get general tips to upgrade your garden or improve your harvest, now is the time to schedule an appointment! Email: edy@sierraharvest.org

Some common concerns that we can help with:

Why wasn’t my garden as successful as I hoped last year?
What should I plant where?
How far apart should the plants be?
How much should I be watering?
Is this irrigation set up correctly?
Do I have enough sun?
How do I deal with this garden pest?
When should I plant this vegetable?
How do I grow a fall garden?
What fertility should I be adding to my soil?
What is the Sierra Garden program and am I a good candidate to participate?

The cost for a 60-90 minute consultation is $150, with a sliding scale down to $75 for those who need it.  Schedule your appointment now by emailing edy@sierraharvest.org