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Grow Your Own Food at Home!

Sierra Gardens supports families in growing a portion of their fruits and vegetables at home by installing backyard gardens.  We bring the expertise, the team and the right infrastructure and materials so you can grow a successful garden season after season.  We have installed gardens at Alta Sierra School, Grass Valley Library, Nevada Meadows apt complex, Booth House family shelter, and dozens more private homes and organizations around Nevada County.

We now live 90% of the time outside with a new sanctuary. We have created a second home in our garden space. My kids have been hand carrying food from the garden to our surrounding neighbors and sharing what we consider our little gold mine.”

Benefits to you

Set the stage for a lifetime of home gardening

Access to nutritious foods, physical activity and mental health

Take the guess work out of what kind of soil, irrigation and fencing is needed for growing food in the Sierra Foothills

“For me, getting outside in the yard and garden, that’s how I deal with stress…. I just like that feel of the dirt between my fingers, and that’s my stress reliever.”


How it Works

Start with a site-visit, where we will assess your property and the goodness of fit for a backyard garden.  Then, we will work with you to identify which services you need – raised or in-the-ground garden beds, fencing, irrigation, soil, compost – and come up with a package that works best for you.

Cost is dependent on the services provided.  Contact us for more details, or view a sample price sheet to get a general idea of service fees.  Need something in-between that’s not listed? No problem, reach out and we can get you a quote. 

Already have a garden and just need some help? Check out our Onsite Garden Consultations if you rather just get some advice on how to get started or improve your garden.


Get Started

Download the Sierra Gardens General Application or complete the online form below. 

Questions – Contact or call (530) 265-2343.
Just need a garden consultation? Find out more.

Get tips on how to plant trees, deal with pests, fresh recipes, and more in the Sierra Garden Gardening Posts!

Want to learn from other garden builds? Join our volunteer team and help install raised beds, fencing, irrigation and more. Contact 


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