Putting Local on the Menu

Find the freshest, locally grown food from local farmers and ranchers!

We work with institutions, restaurants, caterers, and others who want to source more seasonal, local food or plan cost-effective seasonal menus

butternut squash at the hospital
In the kitchen at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, staff pose with organic, local butternut squash from Indian Springs Organic Farm

 “The kiwis were well received … actually, a ‘first ever’ experience for some clients. Working with Cecilia at Wild River couldn’t have been easier.”   Ray Moore, IFM Procurement

“I love the knowledge the farmers have at Mountain Bounty Farm; for me it was a great educational moment.”   Curtis Glenn, Manager Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Nutrition Services

“Just want to say thanks!  We picked up two cases of basil and cilantro today from Sandra, fresh from this morning, all lovely and at a great price. Looking forward to a nice local collaboration with Higareda Family Farm. Good job!” Beth Moore, Wild Eye Pub

“I went to Jim’s (Nevada County Free Range Beef) to pick up over 10 pounds of TriTip. It was a great experience and feels awesome to support his family farm.  Thanks for the guidance and encouragement to keep it so local.” Martin Bullo, Sierra Nevada Camp Chef

Phil Alonzo, Interfaith Food Ministry Executive Director, with organic kiwis from Wild River Marketing in Marysville

For more information, contact Farm Institute Associate Miriam Limov at miriam@sierraharvest.org.

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