We are here for you!

tasting days - williams ranch 2019 - approvedSierra Harvest’s roots are grounded in community.  Since 2008, we have been working together to improve our collective health and wellness through local food. Today, we find ourselves feeling even more committed to our work ensuring the community has access to healthy food to nourish us as we embrace what is important.  

Even though schools are closed, we will continue to support children by providing assistance to food service directors as they offer school meals for pick up. We are also expanding educational materials on our website and social media that are chock full of farm fresh activities for children now at home.   

Even though farmer training classes can’t happen in-person right now, we will continue to support our local farmers by holding classes online, helping them find markets for their nutritious foods, and ramping up our efforts for institutions who are providing meal services to buy local. And we are committed to helping YOU connect with and source local food.

Even though our community couldn’t gather in person to celebrate our farmers at soup night and our farm potlucks may take on a Nicole Stevenson - gleaning at Johansen Farm 2019new form, we will continue to support our community.  Our backyard gardens program is booming as the desire to become more self-sufficient with our food sources takes priority.  And our Gold Country Gleaning program, getting local food distributed to those who are struggling with feeding their family, now becomes critical. 

While some of our programs and services cannot be delivered at this time, we will continue to take care of each other.  Our staff are working and communicating with our supporters and community partners to continue to create the impact you have come to expect from Sierra Harvest.   The organization is positioned well to stay viable and we are grateful for twelve years of outstanding community support. 

We are here and listening should you have ideas to share about how we can best assist those needing access to food and wanting to learn how to grow their own food right where they live.  Our mission is to transform lives and strengthen community through fresh, local, seasonal food.  And to this end, may you find ways to nurture those in our community who need our help the most. 

In connection and mutual health,

The Sierra Harvest Team