3rd Annual Fall Organic Plant Sale

Fresh Starts Organic Farm & Naked Farms, both CCOF certified, will be hosting this event. These farms are both located in Nevada City so you won’t find more locally grown, locally acclimated plants anywhere else!

 Your fall garden will be happy to be planted with any of the following that we plan to have there;

Kales, Lettuces, Chards, Onions & Leeks, Mustards, Asian Greens Mix, Collards, biennials that will bloom next year, perennial culinary & medicinal herbs (Eleuthro, Ashwaganda and more from local seed!) & landscaping perennials (lavender, Goji Berries, salvias, grasses, etc.) 

 Fresh Starts has lots of Clary Sage that will bloom next spring and will be giving away free, one per purchase of other plants as long as they last!

Stonehouse patio, 107 Sacramento St. at Broad / Boulder St. in Nevada City. Lots of parking!