Advanced Bread with Alan Tangren


Classic Parisian Loaves – In this class we will learn the fundamentals of how water and flour interact with yeast and produce a tender, light loaf of bread. Our goal will be to produce a perfect French baguette, from the crisp, brown crust to the slightly chewy inside. We will also learn some of the other classic shapes, particularly hard tiny rolls, the boule and the pain epi. Homework for the next class will be sourdough starter. Recipes may contain: gluten, dairy, nuts, and egg

Chef Instructor: Alan Tangren

The class Cost: $100. The classes are held in Tess’ Kitchen located downstairs at the Tess’ Kitchen Store 115 Mill Street Downtown Grass Valley, CA . Sign Up early for space it limited. Contact Tess’ Kitchen  for more information (530) 273-6997 or Email : info@tesskitchen,