Agricultural Skills Course 11: How to Grow Stuff & Keep It Real

Class 11: How to Grow Stuff & Keep It Real with Ken Barrett, Starbright Acres Family Farm

Join Ken for a tour of his Rough & Ready site where this year he is rotating in cucurbits and nightshades. Starbright Acres Farm produces over 30 types and hundreds of varieties of certified Organic vegetables and garden starts on one acre in Grass Valley and 5 leased acres in Nevada City and Rough & Ready. Learn about tried and true growing techniques and annual trials of new ideas.  Ken will talk about exponential growth, farming multiple sites, and how to make a living farming without getting discouraged by unmet visions of perfection.



Ag Skills provides a season of hands-on learning for beginning farmers. From building soil to harvesting and sales, each class focuses on tangible skills necessary for farming success in the foothills.  Peer-to-peer classes are taught on-farm, by farmers and each includes a farm tour.  Ag Skills courses are geared towards commercial farmers and are a great way to network within the farming community and hone your farming skillset.  Download the 2021 Ag Skills, Course Calendar for details.

Classes are Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. from June 29th to September 28th.   

$22 per class with a discount when you register for 7 or more classes.  Join us for any or all of this year’s courses:


Here’s what people are saying about Ag Skills:

“A truly fantastic learning experience made all the more impressive considering the obstacles COVID 19 and the fires present to any classroom. Sierra Harvest goes above and beyond to ensure safety; all present are masked-up, classes take place outdoors, all are reminded of the importance of practicing social distancing, N-95 masks were distributed to all given smoky air quality. I’ve signed up for every class I can get my hands on and have been wildly impressed and informed with each. Thank you, Cam and the entire Sierra Harvest team for your brilliant work!”

Note: Current COVID-19 protocols at Ag Skills classes.