Bluebird Farm: Gardening with the Moon

Gardening with the Moon:

Lunar Rhythms and Planting Calendars

Bluebird Farm will be hosting this fun class taught by T. Turtle Turlington, founder of The Mathemagical School of Art, Design and Natural Phenomena on Saturday April 18 from 2 – 4 pm.

The farmers and gardeners of yesteryear knew just when to put seeds in the ground to maximize germination and healthy growth.They knew when to feed the plants or treat them for pests. They understood that there were optimum times to harvest herbs to best maintain their medicinal qualities. They possessed such knowledge because the moon told them so.

This 2 hour talk will demystify the lore of the moon and is perfect whether you are a beginner or advanced gardener or a farmer.

This talk includes:

  • Basic Astronomy of the Sun, Earth, and Moon
  • Lunar Phases and their Qualities
  • The Zodiac and the Moon’s Passage through it.
  • Ascending and Descending Rhythms.
  • Working these Rhythms into a gardener/farmer’s practice.

How these Principles are used in Biodynamic Agriculture to grow Higher Quality produce.


Turtlington is an artist, gardener and student of the stars. His classes combine science, math and a touch of the mystical, resulting in an experience that is rational, yet poetic.


The class is $25. Please pre-register by email to