Bluebird Farm: Soil Building for Gardeners and Climate Activists

Our last soil class series this year coming up on October 21st!

Soil Building for Gardeners and Climate Activists

Soil is the foundation – for our personal health as well as our planet’s health – and now is the best time to take charge and build rich, living soil. Great health and prosperity are dependent on both high quality foods and on a stable and reliable climate to grow the plants that are the source of that food. A living, carbon-rich soil creates both of these. We can improve our own health and well-being, sequester excess atmospheric carbon, and moderate the global water cycle by learning to take care of the soil beneath our feet. This is not just a project for farmers; it a project for everyone.


This 2-day class series is for those who want to understand what it takes to create healthy soil for both plants and planet. Saturday, October 21 and November 4th workshops run from 9:30am to 3:30pm.

You will learn:

  • The best garden practices to support soil health.
  • How to cycle nutrients sustainably, saving you money while helping the planet.
  • How to sequester carbon in your soil.
  • How to grow the most vibrant and vital plants possible.
  • How to increase soil’s water-holding capacity and its drought-resistance.
  • How soil microbes benefit plant immune systems and human immunity as well.
  • How to use the information contained in a soil test.
  • How to make great compost.

And so much more…


You will also receive a weekly email between the two workshops to fill out the information, keep you stoked, and provide links to web resources. In addition, workshop participants can opt to receive an on-site consultation with either Tom or Renee Wade at your garden location and get $20 off the regular consultation fee.


Workshops held at Bluebird Farm, 11153 Cement Hill Rd., Nevada City, CA. Taught by Tom and Renee Wade, with guest teacher Marney Blair of Fulcrum Farm. 


Tom and Renee are certified Permaculture Design consultants, farmers, and landscapers with over 40 years combined experience. Renee is also the author of The Living Earth Handbook: Creating Sustainability from the Inside Out. She holds a degree in Ecological Agriculture. Tom is a talented storyteller with an amazing capacity to bring the details to life. Marney is a biodynamic farmer and compost expert. She is also active with the Slow Food movement.


The cost is $60 for the October workshop or $100 for both workshops. (Must attend the first workshop to participate in the November one, and yes, you can upgrade at the end of the first workshop.)


Visit for more details. Contact with questions or to register.