Briarpatch Co-op Cooking Classes: Hone your Knife Skills

APRIL 2ND 6:00-8:00PM

With Kayla Wexelberg

Bring your favorite knife and/or be ready to learn what knife best fits you! Tonight, we will go over the various knives one uses in a kitchen, tips on how to choose your own kitchen knife that fits uniquely to you, and knife-sharpening techniques and basic skills to keep your tool in good shape. We will then go through several cuts used in traditional kitchens and put them to use preparing a few simple dishes to show you how they all come together.

Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, with Vegan and Dairy-Free options possible

SEVERAL PRICE OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE. We have two options for Cooking Class registration, General Admission is $35, the price is $45 for our Benefactor Level (Benefactors support our Kitchen Kindness tickets!).

In addition, if you’re a Co-op Owner use the code OWNER at check out to receive a $5 discount. If you want to receive the $15 Kitchen Kindness discount use the code KINDNESS.