Briarpatch Co-op Cooking Classes: Nigiri Sushi with Vegetables


with NEW TEACHER, Hiroko Greenberg

Learn the fun and creative ways to make Nigiri sushi (stacked onto rice, different than the sushi “roll” style). This class will help people to create their own versions of Nigiri sushi by learning about a variety of combinations and artistic approaches to sushi preparation. People will have a chance to get creative, using color, texture, and flavor combinations. This class will be vegetarian focused, but may include some fish elements. Nigiri sushi is the perfect kind of celebration food, for special occasions and honoring guests and visitors.

Hiroko Greenberg was certified as a chef in Japan in 2005. She specializes in the Ancient Art of Shojin Riori, a 1,200 year-old traditional Zen cuisine that features simple vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared in a focused, concentrated way. It’s an approach that infuses the food with intention and meditative energy, while drawing
out the flavors inherent in its elements, often taking several days or a week to prepare a single meal. Hiroko has been offering Shojin dinner presentations once a season since 2015. She also teaches the art of Japanese cuisine locally and does exclusive, private catering as well.


Cost: Co-op owners $30, general admission $35 

For more information: Sign up online or with Hilary: (530) 272-5333 x 134 or email: