BriarPatch Cooking Class: Lamb Tagine

This is a signature dish from North African kitchens that will please your taste buds beyond belief. Lamb Stew made with Chickpeas and Dried Fruits is cooked slowly in a traditional tagine pot and served over Couscous. A traditional tagine is pottery that consists of two parts: a base unit that is flat and circular with low sides, and a large cone or dome-shaped cover that sits on the base while foods cook. The cover design promotes the return of all condensation to the bottom, which creates an extra tender dish with a very unique flavor.

Co-op Cooking Classes are held in the BriarPatch Co-op Community Cooking School at 648 Zion St. in Nevada City. Only 10 students per class, so sign up early. $30 for BriarPatch owners, $35 for non-owners. Sign up online or with Hilary, 272-5333 x134, 48-hour cancellation deadline.