Eric Dickerson reaches “Livestock Field Fencing 101″

Would you like to learn livestock field fencing basics, and also tips and tricks hard won from years of practice?

Then this email is for you!!

My husband, Eric Dickerson, and I have been raising goats for nine years. We regularly have folks wanting to pick our brains about various elements of the endeavor. We have decided to give a series of classes to facilitate the sharing of our successes, trials and tribulations. 

These classes will be held on our 5 acre property in Rough & Ready, and will be a small group and hands on. 

Our first class was Udder to Table, Dairy Goats 101, and here are some comments from the attendees:

“Covered more than expected, was great!”
“Inspiring! Will return for more classes.”
“This class was a perfect introduction.”

This second class will be:

“Livestock Field Fencing 101″ 

Saturday March 16th from 9-1  (Weather Permitting…  If pouring rain we will reschedule on another Saturday to accommodate as many as possible, or provide a refund if you can’t make the new date)

Though goats are the most numerous, and most challenging livestock on our homestead, we also have horses, chickens, and dogs that we have to consider when we design fencing.  In addition, Eric has worked on properties with sheep, cows and pigs, so can speak to their fencing needs.  On our homestead, we have found that if a fence can contain goats and dogs, it will work for all other livestock.

The class will include: 

  • Types of fencing available
  • Many examples on our property, and our recommendations
  • Tools: what is essential and what is optional. The class will include our favorite fencing tool complimentary for every attendee!
  • Step by step demonstration on each step of no-climb / field fencing installation ; planning, post installation, fence stretching, correcting for slopes and curves, gates and more
  • Hands on fencing assembly in each of the steps above 
  • Individual tutorial for each student from the teachers
  • Customizing tricks and shortcuts and temporary options because fencing is often evolving. 
  • Limited Q&A time after each segment
  • This is not a “working class”… your labor is not required, we will have a section of fencing set partially installed to demonstrate each step. You are welcome to do as much as you want hands on, but nobody will go home with sore hands or a sore back! 


This class will focus on what we have found works for us after many years of trial and error. We have learned from our mistakes and would like to share what we have learned with others who wish to grow their own food, because we firmly believe that is the best option for your own health, the planet’s health, and the health of the animals we raise for food!

For more info on our homestead please visit:

To reserve your spot… 

We have 10-15 spots in this class at $50.  We are offering a couples discount of $40 per person. Pleaseemail if interested in reserving a spot.  We accept payment by PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, or check in the mail.  

Thanks and have a wonderful day!!