Farm and Garden Forum: Beyond the Chemistry

Biology is the name of the most Amazing Show on Earth! And Tom Wade will entertain you as you learn about Soil Biology, the most useful of allies in creating a healthy and vibrant garden. The role of the microbes in our gardens and the role of the microbes in our bodies operate on parallel and complementary planes. Understanding both is key to both personal and planetary balance and health.

In this presentation you will learn biologically-based strategies to help you:

  • ·         Increase the quality and nutrient-density of the foods you grow.
  • ·         Enhance the pest resistance and shelf life of your home-grown produce.
  • ·         Increase yields.
  • ·         Enhance the drought tolerance and disease resistance of your garden plants.
  • All of this, while enhancing your own vitality and sanity!

If you have any questions, call Cathe’ Fish at 432-5109 or Ann Driver at 432-8977

Where:  Rough and Ready Grange, at 14550 Rough and Ready Hwy 

The Grange is on the same side as the fire station on Rough and Ready Hwy, approx. 2 driveways below. Look for the workshop sign, drive up the driveway to the parking lot. The entrance is around the back, on the far side.


Cost:  Free to ranchers, farmers and gardeners