Farm Crew Agriculture Skills Course – Take one or any combo Class 5: Holistic Ag in the Foothills

Fields in Forests: Holistic Ag in the Foothills with Tim Van Wagner of First Rain Farm
What is the foundation of a sustainable farm? How can we produce more from the resources
of the land and import less? Tim’s class will take a close look at First Rain Farm’s approach to
integrated land management and farming through our livestock, forestry, fruit and vegetable
operations. He will share how these aspects of the farm are interconnected and how they
support one another. First Rain Farm produces vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, milk, forest
products, compost and more on 40, certified Organic acres just outside of Nevada City.

Classes are $22 each and then there is an option to purchase a block of 7 classes ($140 - $20/class)
and the entire course for $235 (all 13 classes at $18/class.)