Farm Crew Agriculture Skills Course – Take one or any combo Class 3: Bed Prep & Weed Management

Bed Preparation & Weed Management with Jeremy Mineau, Super Tuber Farm
Learn to identify the right time and the best methods for preparing your fields for planting
including choosing the right primary & secondary tillage methods and tools, applying
amendments, and shaping beds. Properly prepping your fields can mitigate weed pressure
and promote crop success. Jeremy Mineau of Super Tuber Farm will share his skills and
knowledge of field-scale farming. He grows a variety of crops on including 2 acres each of
carrots and beets, notoriously difficult crops when it comes to controlling weeds. 

Classes are $22 each and then there is an option to purchase a block of 7 classes ($140 - $20/class)
and the entire course for $235 (all 13 classes at $18/class.)