Farm Tour at Dawnridge Farm – Thurs. July 15th, 2021 from 6-7:30PM

Welcome to Dawnridge Farm! Carlos and Erin moved to Grass Valley, CA and retired in 2011. They got a few backyard hens to provide them with farm fresh eggs and then a year later decided to “save” a heritage breed. They chose the Delaware and are so glad they did! They are a wonderful, friendly bird that provides delicious meat and lots of large brown eggs.

They have been selectively breeding to improve the bird to what is was “back in the day” – the 1940’s – when the Delaware was the primary chicken you purchased at the butcher and grocery store. These birds were being processed at 12-14 weeks old. They have reached those weights by culling any that don’t meet to our requirements and only breeding the BEST.

They are proud members of American Pastured Poultry Association, The Livestock Conservancy,  American Poultry Association and are NPIP certified.

You can purchase, eggs, chicks and processed chicken from Dawnridge Farm.

Address: 20548 Dawnridge Dr., Grass Valley, CA 95949.

Directions from Grass Valley: Take McCourtney Rd about 10 miles.  Turn right to stay on McCourtney Road.  It will turn west (right turn) where Lime Kiln and McCourtey meet. Follow to the end. Turn left onto Perimeter. Follow Perimeter. The road will turn to gravel. We are about 1 mile down. Fourth Driveway on the left. We have a paved driveway.

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