Fibershed: Grazing for Diversity & Resilience

Come and join us for a hands-on course in strategic grazing for enhancing pasture health and ecosystem function, with farmer and experienced grazing manager Willie Reid, sheep rancher Aaron Gilliam, and Gallagher fencing specialist Randy Bailey. This class is for those who would like to be introduced to the work by experienced and technically proficient practitioners, and for livestock managers who would like to learn the tools to create ecologic and economic resilience via the enhancement of biological diversity that is generated from a grazing management plan, thus reducing dependence on imported feed by growing healthier, more abundant pasture that holds up to both floods and droughts. Grazing with portable electric fencing also allows for a diversity of plant species to thrive, which in turn supports a diversity of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects.

Included in the day’s schedule:
• Reading the landscape: forage identification, water systems and site history on Monkey Ranch via a pasture walk
• Moving the sheep: experience the grazing plan in action
• Gallagher Fencing technical demonstration: how to put up your fencing
• Classroom session: creating your grazing plan and brief overview of California’s rangelands
• Additional resources: Brief over view of the emergent supports for rotational grazing and carbon farming via Rebecca Burgess of Fibershed

We will share a potluck lunch at this beautiful ranch, allowing additional time for conversation and exchange of ideas among the participants.

Cost: $25 For more information and to register Please visit Fibershed Website