Food Love Project Plant Sale!

Farmer Katie with interns Brie and Gracie in the green house.
Farmer Katie with interns Brie and Gracie in the green house.
There’s no school on Friday! If you aren’t headed out of town and want to get dirty for a good cause, come volunteer with us at the Food Love Project this Friday morning from 9AM-1PM.  There are ways to help for all ages, abilities and experience levels.
The Food Love Project is an educational farm that is a part of Sierra Harvest.  Our address is 16200 Lake Vera Purdon (at the Burton Homestead, the place with the tipis).  Learn more about us here: Food Love Project
We will also have organic plant starts for sale!
All plants are $3 each or 2 for $5.
We have tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, tomatillos and peanuts. There are limited amounts of chard and strawberries too.Peppers:King of the North Bell Pepper



Black Beauty
Rosa Bianca
Ping Tung Long

Purple Keeper Landrace Tomatillo
Verde Tomatillo
Purple Tomatillo

Cherry Tomatoes:
Sungold (Open Pollinated)
Indigo Rose
Yellow Pear
Black Cherry

Drying Tomatoes:

Canning Tomatoess:
Roma VF

Slicing Tomatoes:
Costoluto Genovese
Cherokee Purple
Yellow Brandywine
Green Zebra

Basil (still small but mighty)
Tulsi (holy basil- an adaptogenic tea)
Volunteer with us and you might just take one home for free! Come anytime, and stay any amount of time. Bring a sun hat, water bottle, snack and good attitude (and a love for fresh picked strawberries).
Hope to see you Friday!
Amanda, Katie and the Food Love Crew