Fulcrum Farm: Get the Real Dirt on Soil with Tom and Renee Wade

Soil that is rich in biology will create its own balanced nutrient-dense chemistry, creating super healthy plants that are not bothered by insects. Knowing how to kickstart and support your soil’s microorganisms is the key.


In this 3-hour workshop you will learn:

  • Which practices have the biggest effect on your soil’s biological health. 
  • How soil health translates directly into plant health and your health. 
  • The common myths about nitrogen that make for pest-attracting plants. 
  • How to create a rich soil that cycles nutrients sustainably. 
  • How to create humus-rich compost that feeds the soil life needed to support robust plants.


Workshop is on Saturday, April 1st 

9 am to noon


Taught by Tom and Renee Wade, innovative farmers and permaculture designers with over 45 years combined experience building healthy soil. 


Special guest teacher Marney Blair of Fulcrum Farm. Marney is a compost expert who specializes in biodynamics, creating the highest quality, most alive compost possible.


Sliding Scale Fee: $15 – $30


Held at Fulcrum Farm

14995 Clear Creek Place

Grass Valley, CA

Please park in the compost area when you arrive.