Garden Goddess Farm: Water Workshop! Invaluable Resources

Water Workshop!
Invaluable Resources, Skills & Information will be shared.
Sunday, Oct 14th, 1pm-530pm-ish
Location: Garden Goddess Farm, 18414 Alexandra Way, Grass Valley 95949

David Howland: Water Expert & Scientist
Cathe’ Fish: Permaculture Expert, Master Gardener & Pilot!

Farm to Table Refreshments by Personal Chef Susan Gouveia

These topics will be included and completed over our two separate 90 minute sessions:

1. What is in our water besides water?
A description of good and bad things in our water and how those things get in the water.
The toxins in water we need to care about.

2. What “public water providers” such as NID, adds, removes and does not remove from our water.

3. What regulations apply to California water.

4. Water testing

5. Water Filtration
What kinds of water filtration exist.
What each kind of water filtration removes and does not remove from water.

6. Demonstration: 2 hands on water filtration filters we make together in our work shop. You will be sent home with a materials list to make your own or you can have David make one for you one for a fee.
Pre-filter to remove dead plant material
Biochar water filter to remove pesticides and chlorine
Questions and answers while we build the farm suitable water filter.

7. A demonstration of our home made filter suitable for farm use.
We will pour Round-up mixed in water through our home made water filter.

8. Permaculture & Water with Cathe’ Fish:
-How to assess how much rainwater you can harvest
-How to Capture Water in your Soil
-Interesting Facts about Water and Nature
– – – – – –
9. Water Forum

In our final open forum discussion, we will share Hot
Tips, Resources & Network!

To reserve your space: 
Suggested Donation is $20-$30

1. Checks can be sent to : The Honey Bee Foundation, 578 Sutton Way #156 Grass Valley,CA 95945
2. PayPal: