Growing Mushrooms for Food, Profit and Soil Health

Wednesday December 17th Rough & Ready Grange will have two guest speakers on Growing Mushrooms for Food, Profit and Soil Health. Please come to hear Marlene and Cliff Bottomfield speak about their Mushroom production with a slideshow and some hands on.

Marlene and Cliff Bottomfield are certified organic/certified biodynamic farmers. They have a 38 acre farm outside Nevada City where they grow a variety of crops on 3/4 of an acre.  The rest of the property is two acres of sheep and goat pasture and 35 acres of dense forest and canyons. Marlene and Cliff’s main crop is mushrooms.  They grow 5 varieties of oyster mushrooms, shiitake, and lion’s mane. These are grown inside a building, and a hoop house, and outside in raised beds. You may have seen their booth at the Nevada City Farmer’s Market. They use their spent mushroom bags to drought proof their property and improve the soil biology.

They will also bring mushrooms bags to give you an opportunity to grow mushrooms. Should be an exciting evening.

All Farmers and Gardeners:  Be sure to join us next Wednesday evening at the Rough and Ready Grange to network, make new friends, share your wants and needs, and announce what you have to sell or give away.  This is for you!

Location:  Rough and Ready Grange, at 14550 Rough and Ready Hwy. Cost:  Free
For more Information Please  Call Cathe’ Fish 432-5109 or Ann Driver 432-8977