HAALo: Top Essential Oils for Mind & Body

Join nationally recognized author and aromatherapist Kathi Keville for an evening discussion about using essential oils for health and wellness. Kathi has been teaching essential oil use for decades and has fifteen books on herbs, aromatherapy & herb gardening.

This evening discussion will include:

  • what are essential oils and what do they heal
  • how to use essential oils for well being
  • how to make your own essential oils
  • how to use essential oils safely
  • how to evaluate oil quality
  • where to find reliable references on essential oil use

Signed copies of Kathi’s four aromatherapy books will be available, as well as a $10 discount for her upcoming aromatherapy seminar on September 12-13.

Register at the HAALo webite
Location: HAALo, Nevada City, CA   Cost: $20 includes making your own aromatherapy product