Monthly Garden Chat with Rowen White-Sierra Seed & Aimee Retzler-Sierra Harvest

Join us for our Monthly Garden Chat! At our last event, Cathe’ Fish reminded us of the importance of planting varieties  that do well in your specific region. Otherwise, we will continually be frustrated in the garden! For example, not all tomatoes are meant to be grown in the Sierra Foothills. Some prefer milder and more humid climates. Thank you, Cathe’, for an extremely informative and FUN talk! This month, we get the chance to re-connect with Rowen White, founder of Sierra Seed Coop! She will give us tips on what varieties to grow based on where we live. In addition, Aimee Retzler will update us on what’s new at Sierra Harvest!

March Garden Chat presents 2 great speakers!

Speakers: Rowen White, Sierra Seed Coop & Aimee Retzler, Sierra Harvest. Rowen will have local seeds for sale.

Annual Members: Free , Guests: $10
Location: Society of Garden Goddesses, 18414 Alexandra Way, Grass Valley
For more information Please visit Garden Goddesses Meet Up page