Nevada County Farm Trail Weekend: Tour, Taste, Discover


Join us for Nevada County Grown’s second annual Farm Trail Weekend on July 20 & 21, 2019, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day.  

Farmers and ranchers are opening their gates to offer you an opportunity to experience the agricultural life in Nevada County. Participants choose their own path and set their own pace as they explore a variety of locations along the Nevada County Farm Trail.

Come meet your local farmer, tour their scenic farms, make new friends, and gain a better appreciation of farm life and local food. Explore at your own pace with each venue offering something unique and interesting from guided tours, u-pick produce, handmade gifts, and a ideal setting for a family picnic. This is a perfect event for foodies, families, and weekend adventurers.

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Tips for the Trail

Our guide for a successful Farm Trail Weekend

    1. It is highly unlikely you will make it to all the stops – and that is ok! Pick your favorites to fully enjoy your day.
    2. Invite out-of-town friends and family to visit and buy tickets online in advance to save $$!
    3. If you’re a planner, go online to map your route in advance, but if you’re a free spirit, see where the trail takes you!
    4. Mix it up! There is no order to the Farm Trail Weekend. Feel free to follow your own path.
    5. Pack a picnic and enjoy it one of our designated picnic friendly farms, or check out one of our farm to table restaurants.
    6. When headed out on the Farm Trail, dress in layers, bring extra water, sunscreen, comfortable closed toed shoes and an adventurous attitude!
    7. Part of the fun is to buy farm-fresh items, so bring an ice chest to keep your tasty treasures nice and cool!
    8. For their comfort and safety, please leave your pets at home as they are not allowed on farms or ranches.
    9. Beat the crowds and get an early start each day to cover more ground!
    10. Because Sunday tends to be less crowded and more leisurely, consider discovering new farms on that day!
    11. The Farm Trail Weekend is the perfect time to buy local gifts for friends and family … Lots of unique gift ideas await!
    12. GPS is your best friend, we recommend GoogleMaps.