On-Farm Poultry Processing Training

Featuring Nevada County Grown Mobile Poultry Processing Trailer. which Nevada County Grown rents out for producers to use.  6:00 – 8:00pm at Back to Basics Farm, 16199 McCourtney Rd., Grass Valley, CA.  Cost $10 per farm.

  1. New Poultry Guidelines Overview
  2. Overview of following the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Plan and Standard Sanitary Operating Procedures contained in the Poultry Guideline
  3. Practices that lower stress on the birds and helps maintain product quality
  4. Review Mobile Poultry Processing Equipment and Set-up
  5. Review processing of birds including slaughter, scalding, plucking, evisceration, cleaning the carcass, chilling, packaging, labeling, and storing.
  6. Wastewater disposal and composting offal
  7. Cleaning the trailer and equipment after use.
  8. Review rental process
  9. Questions

 To register for the workshop, contact Patty Bielen atpoultry@nevadacountygrown.org.