Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply: 40th Anniversary Party!

Saturday May 7, 10am-4pm:

Enjoy a day of FREE workshops at Peaceful Valley!  Learn something new, and then enjoy the other fun stuff going on during our 40th Anniversary Party.

10:00 am

Irrigation Basics with Michael Babiarz


Learn how simple and easy it is to set up a basic drip system. You’ll see dramatic improvements in your garden plus you’ll save water and time. Learn about how to set up and use drip tape, sprayers, drip emitters, and more.


11:00 am

Grow the Best Tomatoes with Meredith Cherry


Whether you’re new to gardening or want to grow your biggest, juiciest tomatoes ever, we’ll discuss the tricks and techniques you need for an abundant and flavorful harvest.


12:00 pm

Summer Cover Crops with Sarah Griffin-Boubacar


The two most expensive additions to your garden each spring are compost and nitrogen fertilizer. Cover cropping adds both with very little investment. Learn how to grow your own amendments, decrease erosion, and choke out potential weeds all while improving soil fertility.


1:00 pm

Compost the Easy Way with Bokashi with Meredith Cherry


If traditional compost piles or worm composting seems too time consuming or challenging, Bokashi composting is for you! This traditional Japanese technique is great for any size family, whether you live in a house or an apartment, produces useable compost faster than any other technique, and is super easy!


2:00 pm

Simply Strawberries with Janice Meyer


Who doesn’t love a fresh picked strawberry? Learn the do’s and don’ts of growing them in your garden, including selection, care from planting to harvesting, and what to do about all those runners.


3:00 pm

Getting Started with Grafting with Meredith Cherry


If you’ve ever wanted to graft your trees or were curious how a Po-Mato is made, but didn’t know how to get started, now’s your chance! We will discuss the basics of selecting scions and grafting them onto rootstock for maximum success.

Contact Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply workshop. . Please pre-register, 530-272-4769 x106.

Location: 125 Clydesdale Court, Grass Valley, CA 95945