Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply: Intro to Permaculture

An introductory class on permaculture as it applies to Nevada County home owners, land owners, gardeners and farmers. You will learn how permaculture can save time and money through conserving water, energy and other resources around your home or land while improving the earth in a sustainable fashion that will benefit future generations.
The class covers the basic principles of permaculture and how it is similar to and different from traditional sustainability, organic gardening, construction and landscape design. Topics such as water harvesting earthworks, drought tolerance, soil restoration, passive solar and more will be used to paint a picture of a efficient permaculture site modeled after natural systems.
Bret Glassett is a certified permaculture designer and consultant who operates Sierra Sustainable and practices homesteading and permaculture on 5 acres in Cedar Ridge. 

Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply Free Workshop.  Please pre-register by calling 530-272-4769 x106.

Location: 125 Clydesdale Court, Grass Valley, CA 95945