Plant-Powered Chefs Cooking Program for Kids (8-12)

This summer program for kids ages 8-12 focuses on the positives of healthy plant-foods as we explore cooking and tasting fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.  Plant-based meals are kid-friendly and fun experiences early on can help empower children to establish lifelong healthful eating habits.  Children will learn why plant-foods are healthy through games and help prepare fun and tasty dishes as we work our way through breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from the plant kingdom!

Each child receives a workbook filled with activities and worksheets focused on nutrition and several recipes (many of which will be demonstrated in class).

Class 1: June 20th, 11am-1pm: Plant-Powered Chefs – Fruity Breakfasts
Class 2: June 21st, 11am-1pm: Plant-Powered Chefs – Scrumptious Snacks & Sweeter Deals
Class 3: June 22nd, 11am-1pm: Plant-Powered Chefs – Rainbow Lunches
Class 4: June 23rd, 11am-1pm: Plant-Powered Chefs – Delicious Dinners

The Food for Life program is a community-based nutrition education program of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). PCRM is a nonprofit organization advancing preventive medicine, primarily good nutrition, and supports higher standards in research.

BriarPatch Co-op Community Cooking School – 648 Zion Street, Nevada City, CA 95959 –View Map