Save Our Seeds Capitol Rally

Save our Seeds rally on Jan. 5 at the State Capital.  Reversing AB2470  is critical to the future of organic farming!

We are especially looking for
Beekeepers (PEIR of CDFA to spray 78 poisons anywhere with no public notice),
Moms with strollers (occupied or not),
Farmers (AB 2470 seed law),
Veterans (2,4 D crops this year),
Organic and Non-GMO grocers and restaurants,
Faith groups, Indigenous peoples, grassroot musicians, marchers, sign-makers
Educators, Doctors and Activists, to speak with their legislators
We will continue to spread the word on behalf of fresh, local, sustainable, organic and Non-GMO healthy food for families.
Featured speakers will talk about 3 minutes each.
Afterwards, we’ll March Around the Capitol and go inside for a lobby day with our legislators,  many newly elected on their first day in office.
The talks will be videoed and posted.  Photographers are needed.  Volunteers are needed to meet and greet, set up, table.
This event is hosted by the California State Grange.  We invite you to join us!

Here is why: A new law – AB 2470, prohibits cities or counties from making any local law after Jan 1, 2015, about ‘food, crops and seeds’
unless approved by the CDFA.. (Dept Food and Ag.). AB 2470 effectively gives authority to the California Secretary of Agriculture to decide what you can and cannot grow.
AB 2470, California Seed Law: (Monsanto Seed Law)