Seed Swap

The Earth is warming up beneath our feet, and the seeds are beginning to stir in their dreaming.  I have been gathering together all the seeds that are wanting to be planted this coming season, and working on my seed garden journal…so much potential in this winter season, as we dream of the springtime seeds sprouting and our gardens coming alive again.   We want to share with you a few opportunities to gather to learn and share seed stories this spring. 


Spring Seed Swap! 

We have settled on the dates for our Annual Seed Swap.  We will be hosting the seed gathering at the North Columbia Schoolhouse on the San Juan Ridge on Sunday, April 8th, from 1-4pm. 

Come trade knowledge and SEEDS! Celebrate Diversity and Community! Honor our Precious collective inheritance; SEEDS! 

The seed swap will feature farmers and gardeners our region in an informal exchange of ideas, information and seeds, with expert advice and unique seeds available at every table. It’s old fashioned fun, and you will come away with a smile and some seeds. This is a great way to meet and mingle with other like minded folks. 

We will have an opening seed blessings by Rowen White, director of Sierra Seed Cooperative, and a few hands on demonstrations by local farmers, seedspeople and tree folk.

“The seeds that gardeners hold in their hands
are living links in an unbroken chain reaching
back into antiquity.”
-Suzanne Ashworth, Seed To Seed

Sierra Seed Cooperative will provide blank seed packets and some seeds for swapping. 

Bring seeds to share if you have them. Seeds are not required to attend, but extra flower, herb and veggie seeds make the party that much better!! 
You could also bring scion wood, divisions of perennials and bulbs too. You could even bring food cultures too (kombucha, kefir grains) The idea is to have a barter of ideas, seeds and inspiration!

There will also be a number of tables and booths of area organizations and projects that support our vibrant local agriculture! 

If you don’t have seeds to swap, come anyway! Many folks are willing to trade for other things or gift seeds. 

This event is Free and open to the public!

Check out this video from last years amazing swap!

Let’s make this another stellar community gathering!! This is a direct action towards our Seed Freedom in our bioregion. 

Seed Swap is hosted at the North Columbia Schoolhouse,  

14789 Tyler Foote Rd, Nevada City, CA 95959

For more information please email