Sierra Harvest Farm Institute: Hone your skills: Taught by local farmers

Hone your skills! Farm Crew production skills classes now open to the public.

Hone your skills! Join local farmers and agricultural professionals as they teach a series of hands-on classes. In each class you’ll gain tips, tools, and skills to improve your farming.   From weed management to season extension, these classes will introduce tried-and-true practices in-use on commercial farms in our region.  Register for all or just one class.


July 25th, 3pm-6pm: Ecological Weed Management

Join Jeremy Mineau of Super Tuber Farm and learn how to control weeds in a field of vegetables. We’ll explore effective weed management strategies including observation and planning tactics, preventative (cultural) practices, and various control methods.

September 12th, 3pm-6pm: Applied Permaculture Principles for Production Farming

Join Cathe Fish of Practical Permaculture and explore permaculture design for the production farm. Permaculture is a process for creating sustainable and abundant living systems of food, energy, water, shelter and community with minimum labor and pollution.

September 19th, 3pm-6pm: Build Soils with Cover Crops

Join Paul Glowaski of Dinner Bell Farm and learn how to improve soil quality, water retention and drainage, soil structure and biology by growing cover crops. Learn which crops to use, when to plant and methods for incorporation. Cover cropping is a cornerstone of organic agriculture!

October 17th, 3pm-6pm: Biodynamic Farming

Join Marney Blair and Lisa Bjorn of Fulcrum Farm and see a practical application of Biodynamics on a working farm. Learn more about cosmic and atmospheric factors influencing plants and animals, silica-clay-limetone interactions, biodynamic composting, field preps and seed saving.

November 7th, 3pm-6pm: Seed Saving

Sarah Silverheels-Keller of For the People Seeds will teach the principles and practices of seed saving. We’ll visit her commercial seed farm and learn methods of producing high quality food and flower seeds.

November 14th, 3pm-6pm: Season Extension

Join Eve and Juan Jose Domingo of Filaki Farm and learn about commercial scale season extension. We’ll learn the principles of extending the crop production season and see different options for successful crop production in the fall, winter and spring.

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